Project Experience

Development Building Experience

Residential Communities

Commercial Projects

Private Contracts

Here is a small sampling of the numerous private contracts which we have handled. A more extensive list of examples is available upon request.

13 Story High Rise Office Building
Office Building, 400,000 sf
4 Story Low Rise
545 Boylston St, Boston, MA
Dedham, MA
Peabody, MA

Government Contracts

Installed the Gold Dome, NH State House
Installed new marble floors, NH State House
Rebuilt Prison, U.S. Navy while occupied with 851 prisoners
Built Barracks, U.S. Marines
Schools, additions and renovations
Hospitals, additions and renovations
Rehabbed Housing, U.S. Air Force
Built Campgrounds, Department of Forestry
Built Nuclear Storage Facilities, U.S. Navy



Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn
Dunfey Hotel Expansion
Travel Lodge
Holiday Inn
120 units, Hyannis, MA
201 units, Marlborough, MA
201 units, Parsippany, NJ
209 units, Peabody, MA
120 units, Plymouth, NH
150 units, Portland, ME
120 units, Hyannis, MA
120 units, Rutland, VT
120 units, Chicopee, MA
80 unit additions, Hamilton, NY
210 units, Piscataway, NY
212 units, Hyannis, MA


Real estate development is often misunderstood because there are so many variables and disciplines involved. When done well, it runs smoothly and looks easy. When done poorly, it seems difficult and unpredictable. Our experiences have taught us that knowledge and specialization are essential to success. We have devoted our careers to the understanding of the challenges that face this work. Our longevity and diversity of expertise in the business is a testimony to the success of our methods.