Property Development & ManagementReal estate development is a complex business. Critical issues continually redefine the industry in ways that challenge the viability and success of any project. To succeed, you must achieve balances between the sensitive economic, regulatory, legal and market forces that shape the business. After years of experience with these aspects, Equivise has acquired the skills necessary to be successful in this environment.

Over the years we have developed the skills and acquired the knowledge necessary to triumph over the challenges inherent in this business. Our appreciation of this work has grown over the years, and we feel now more than ever, that our type of experience and leadership is needed in this very challenging industry.


Management of complex operations over wide geographical areas requires a broad base of capabilities. We have been fortunate to develop skills in a wide range of real estate disciplines and this has enabled us to enjoy a diverse and fascinating business. We possess a unique blend of experience and acquired knowledge in the following areas:

  • Regulatory Approvals – Navigating the myriad processes
  • Sales and Marketing – Maximizing market opportunities
  • Project Management – Tracking and scheduling methods
  • Administration – Logistical and operational management
  • Land Use Planning – Leverage design and yield
  • Accounting, Finance and Banking – Managing the financial resources
  • Strategic Planning – Anticipating and solving problems